Freemium to Premium

  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Wireframing

Since 2007, Ning operated as a freemium service. Users could create free sites, and we offered a few premium services that could opt to purchase. By 2010, even with millions of Ning sites, it was clear the business model wasn’t working. So, we decided to go premium-only.

I was tasked with designing the flow for the more than 2 million existing users, who we hoped would purchase one of three new Ning plans. Ning’s success and future depended on the number of sites that migrated to Ning Mini, Ning Plus or Ning Pro.

I designed the flow, the pages and the components, and then worked with developers to get it built and tested.

Results: Most customers that had been paying for optional premium services stuck around as well, and more impressive, tens of thousands of formerly free sites starting paying for Ning’s service.