A year of car sharing

A little more than a year ago, I decided to get a car — after learning about a new company called Getaround, which allowed me to make money renting my car out to strangers.

I was already working at Zimride, a company built around sharing rides with others, so I was very open to the concept of sharing my vehicle with others. I didn’t have much of a daily need for a car, but with my girlfriend moving to LA, the idea of a service could allow me to cheaply own a car (even though I … Continue Reading »

How long does flying from LA to SF really take?

I’m a fervent supporter of California’s fantastic high-speed rail project. The massive infrastructure project would shuttle between California’s southern and northern urban centers in as little as 2.5 hours.

It has some issues, but I firmly believe that it’s a great project for California, and something we desperately need. This was underscored recently, when my girlfriend decided to move to the Los Angeles Area. As a San Francisco, I’ll be taking frequent trips down there.

When discussing high-speed rail, people have often asked, why not just fly. It takes an hour! … Continue Reading »