Evan’s voter guide – Nov 2012

Election day is upon us, and I thought I’d continue my time-honored tradition of telling the 9 people who might read this which way I voted on state and local issues. Below I’ve listed all SF and California propositions, along with my vote and my logic on why.

Preface: Ballot propositions, originally designed to bring political control of the state back to the people, is now largely run by the very wealthy. It makes it easier for people (and companies) with money to influence politics, and worse yet, many of the ballot propositions are very difficult to understand and decide … Continue Reading »

2011 San Francisco Election roundup

Mayor: David Chiu, Jeff Adachi, Dennis Herrera (in that order)

I struggled over this one for quite a while. I actually like Ed Lee, our interim, quite a lot. I think he’s done good things for the city. However, I just can’t get over the fact that he lied to get into office. He might have legitimately just changed his mind, or perhaps he was co-opted by some powerful people in the city to stick around. Whatever the case, I can’t move past his promise not to run for mayor — and I think it would haunt him were he … Continue Reading »

Election cribsheet, Nov. 2010

It’s a major election this November, and that means that our California and San Francisco elected officials have once again put far too many decisions in the hands of voters, instead of making the tough decisions themselves. If they’re going to put these choices in front of citizens, we at least owe to each other to make good decisions.

I’ve tried my best to do that, and below you can see the way I’m voting on this ballot. In making these choices, I relied heavily on two voter guides — the SF Chronicle endorsements and the San Francisco Planning and … Continue Reading »