I’m a product manager based in San Francisco, Calif. I work at Zimride, a ridesharing company that’s changing transportation and enabling people to have car-free lifestyles or make it more affordable for car owners to travel. We have a private platform used by hundreds of companies and universities to enable their staff and/or students to share rides, reducing costs for everyone and enabling better mobility. We also launched Lyft, a real-time ridesharing app allowing people to hop in a car with a stranger for short-distance rides.

Before Zimride, I worked at Ning for four years, designing hundreds of features used by millions of people every day. Ning’s platform allows anyone to easily build their own social network or community.

Though I don’t have any formal training, I am proficient in HTML & CSS — I designed and coded the beautiful site you’re looking at right now — and I dabble in PHP and Javascript. Mostly, though, I love building interfaces and interactions for easy and fun-to-use web/mobile applications, and creating the powerful tools behind them. Outside of my day job, I’ve taken on some freelance projects, like redesigning Snowpals.org, and designing and managing the SV4Obama Newsletter.

Aside from technology, I’m a lifelong fan of Giants baseball, and a slightly less-than-lifelong fan of urban design, journalism and traveling (especially via Couchsurfing). I’m a firm advocate for cities, and better transportation in and around them, like California’s high-speed rail project.

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