Giant stories

I attended Game 7 of the NLCS this week, where the San Francisco Giants clobbered the St. Louis Cardinals 9-0. It was a great game for the Giants, but it was amazing game because of what happened in our section with our fans. I had a few stories from that night I wanted to share.

1. The foul ball

Every kid’s dream at a baseball game is to come home with a foul ball. The two brothers in matching Buster Posey jerseys sitting right in front of us were no exception. Early in the game, a ball was hit to the front row of our section. The seven-year-old, Joe, ran for it, but not before an older guy snagged it. Immediately, he turned and saw the kid and gave him the ball.

Joe went back to his seat, sat down for a second, and then walked back down to the older guy, who had returned to his seat. Without getting his attention, he came up from behind and gave him the biggest bear hug his small arms could muster. Everyone within 100 feet gave a big “awwww” and starting applauding, and Joe returned to proudly display the ball.

The story doesn’t end there. Minutes later, Joe’s dad returned from the concourse with an enormous ice cream sundae to thank the fellow. Another round cheers and applause followed.

Of course, this was all great for Joe, but his younger brother was getting a bit jealous with the attention Joe was getting — not to mention the ball. So a few innings later, when another ball was caught by a fan just across the aisle from the guy in blue, the crowd starting cheering for the other brother to get the ball. The lucky fan who caught the ball agreed, and soon both brothers found themselves proud owners of special edition, postseason foul balls.

The entire section got up to cheer once more, and everyone wanted photos of the gang of four.

2. The cheerleader

Sitting right behind us at the game was a former 49ers cheerleader and very spirited Giants fan. Not only did she rally our section to cheer their minds out, but every time the opportunity came to get on the big screen dancing, she grabbed the nearest kid, and made him dance with her. Needless to see, these were some very, very excited 11-year-olds. I think Tommy is going to be bragging to his friends for a long, long time.

3. When it rains, it pours

As anyone saw who watched the game, it was POURING by the 9th inning. Amazingly, that only seemed to brighten the mode. In the craziness of watching a team that was about to win its sixth straight elimination game, the pouring rain only made the moment even more magical. The crowd got louder and more excited as the rains got heavier.

When Romo got that final pop out and the rains continued, almost no one left their seats. They stayed, soaked with excitement (and water). And so, on the series we go! It’s going to be hard to top Game 7 of that NLCS, the first Game 7 victory in Giants history.

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