Giant stories

I attended Game 7 of the NLCS this week, where the San Francisco Giants clobbered the St. Louis Cardinals 9-0. It was a great game for the Giants, but it was amazing game because of what happened in our section with our fans. I had a few stories from that night I wanted to share.

1. The foul ball

Every kid’s dream at a baseball game is to come home with a foul ball. The two brothers in matching Buster Posey jerseys sitting right in front of us were no exception. Early in the game, a ball was hit to the front … Continue Reading »

You need a side project

For more than a year, I’ve been spending a sizable chunk of my free time — hundreds of hours — as a web designer/developer for Doing that, while unpaid, has been a fantastic experience. Here’s five ways it’s changed my life, and why you might want to think about starting a side project for yourself.

1. Side projects can lead you to a new job was (and is) an online community of people who love to spend time visiting Lake Tahoe, most of whom are based in the Bay Area. Their old website was very spartan, and I signed … Continue Reading »