How long does flying from LA to SF really take?

I’m a fervent supporter of California’s fantastic high-speed rail project. The massive infrastructure project would shuttle between California’s southern and northern urban centers in as little as 2.5 hours.

It has some issues, but I firmly believe that it’s a great project for California, and something we desperately need. This was underscored recently, when my girlfriend decided to move to the Los Angeles Area. As a San Francisco, I’ll be taking frequent trips down there.

When discussing high-speed rail, people have often asked, why not just fly. It takes an hour! … Continue Reading »

60 great ‘Welcome Email’ examples from across the web (L-Z)

This is Part 2 (Let’s Pour – Zimride) of a two-part collection of welcome emails. Back to Part 1 ( – Jetsetter).

Let’s Pour (2012)

Living Social (2011)

Mint (2008)

Netflix (2009)

Ning (2011)

OMG Pop – Draw Something (2012)

OpenDNS (2010)

Path (2012)

Pinterest (2010)

Quora (2012)

RedBeacon (2010)

Ridejoy (2012)

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60 great ‘Welcome Email’ examples from across the web (A-J)

This is Part 1 ( – Jetsetter). Skip to Part 2 (Let’s Pour – Zimride).

The most important email a Web service can send is the welcome email. OK, maybe that’s not true, but it’s damn important! It’s your users’ first view of your company, your aesthetics and it sets the bar for communication to come. Like they say, first impression is everything. So spend some time making sure your welcome email shows off the best your company has to offer, and gives a user a reason to come back.

Some best practices for welcome emails:

A better Chronicle iPad app

As an avid news reader and fan of local journalism, one of the most exciting things about getting my new iPad was being able to drop my print subscription to the San Francisco Chronicle and give the SF Chron’s iPad app a try. I’d be saving paper, saving myself money (an all-access pass to the iPad app is cheaper than a Sunday-only print subscription) and I’d get news from the Chronicle between editions. Best of all, I could … Continue Reading »