Weekend trips in Northern California

A friend recently asked me for some travel recommendations for a long weekend trip. After writing him a really long email back, I figured I’d share my recommendations in case anyone else was looking. Northern California has a ton of awesome short trips to go on that aren’t far away.

In Northern California

The go-to, so I won’t spend much time on it. But I recently stayed at The Calistoga Inn. From Nov-Feb, it’s $60-80/night to stay there, and it’s right in downtown Calistoga.

People forget about Yosemite, but this is one of the best times of year to go, between Labor … Continue Reading »

Summary: Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines

When designing an iPhone app, there should be a few things on your checklist before starting coding. One of them should be reading Apple’s incredibly useful and important iOS Human Interface Guidelines. They guide the design of your app, and ensure that you (A) don’t spend valuable time re-inventing the iOS design wheel and (B) ensure Apple’s doesn’t reject your app for not meeting its guidelines.

But, at 70 pages, it’s a long a read. As part of designing Ning’s iPhone app (not the highest ratings, I know), I read through the guidelines and summarized them. I figured other … Continue Reading »