Election cribsheet, Nov. 2010

It’s a major election this November, and that means that our California and San Francisco elected officials have once again put far too many decisions in the hands of voters, instead of making the tough decisions themselves. If they’re going to put these choices in front of citizens, we at least owe to each other to make good decisions.

I’ve tried my best to do that, and below you can see the way I’m voting on this ballot. In making these choices, I relied heavily on two voter guides — the SF Chronicle endorsements and the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research association’s voter guide. I encourage everyone to check them out, as well as the ballot language/candidate web sites themselves.

I was particularly torn on Prop 19 and Sit/Lie, because of the tangle of problems that could ensue from both measures. In the end, though, I decided to vote Yes on both, because I think there’s more good than bad that can come from their passage.


Proposition 19 (Legalize Marijuana) – Yes
Proposition 20 (Expands Redistricting Commission) – Yes
Proposition 21 (Increases vehicle license fees) – No
Proposition 22 (Limits state from taking funds) – No
Proposition 23 (Suspends pro-clean air Prop 23) – No
Proposition 24 (Eliminates Tax Breaks) – No
Proposition 25 (Lowers CA budget threshold to 55% from 67%)  – Yes
Proposition 26 (Requires 2/3 legislature to pass fees) – No
Proposition 27 (Kills Redistricting Commission) – No

Governor: Jerry
Lt. Guv: Gavin Newsom
Sec. State: Debra Bowen
Attorney General: Kamala Harris
Controller: John Chiang
Treasurer: Bill Lockyer
Public Instruction: Larry Aceves
Insurance Commish: Mike Villines

District 10: 1. Tony Kelly, 2. Chris Jackson, 3. Steve Moss
Judge: Richard Ulmer
Board of Education: Menzoda, Brodkin & Hoehn
CC College Board: Grier, Rizzo, Wong
Public Defender: Jeff Adachi

PROP. AA ($10 vehicle registration fee) – Yes
PROP. A (Earthquake Retrofit Bond) – Yes
PROP. B (Increasing Employee Contributions to Benefits) – Yes
PROP. C (Question Time) – No
PROP. D (Non-Citizen Voting for School Board)  – No
PROP. E (Election Day Voter Registration) – No
PROP. F (Health Service Board Elections) – Yes
PROP. G (Setting Transit Operator Wages Through Bargaining) – Yes
PROP. H (Dual Office Holding) – No
PROP. I (Saturday Voting Pilot) – Yes
PROP. J (Hotel Tax Increase) – No
PROP. K    (Hotel Tax Loophole) – No
PROP. L (Sit/Lie) – Yes
PROP. M (Community Policing) – No
PROP. N (Property Sales Tax) – No

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